The art of the written word

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Today our lives are dominated by constant visual stimulation on every surface and medium we lay eyes on. Whether it be newspaper and street posters to iPads or social media, we are constantly bombarded by advertisers trying to attract our attention. To stand out amongst this visual chaos, some would make the assumption that bigger is better and dominate a page with a vast array of big, BOLD text in multi-colours that practically screams at you. As designers, we know this isn’t the case. Typography is an art in itself, and when done correctly, creates unity in your designs.

Typography is one of the most essential tools when constructing a design. It is not merely words on a page, but a sophisticated process of presenting the written word in a way that engages the audience. The way text can be presented is limitless, and designers can manipulate text to create impressive visual displays. It’s easy to get carried away however, and loose sight of the purpose of typography. It’s the designers role to decide what is appropriate for the client – from font choice, colours and composition, as well as weight and size all the while communicating the message strongly.

I’ve been sourcing some typography inspiration lately and have stumbled upon some truly magical pieces and some…well less magical. I’ve been working on an invitation for a Legal Trivia Night, for The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. I was drawing on turn of the century law books and their beautifully crafted use of serif fonts. This was a really great brief to work on and as you will see below, the artwork looked sensational. We printed it on a 400GSM Linen stock which really brought the ‘leather look’ cover to life.

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Our New Website

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We’re so excited here in the lab over the launch of our brand new website. It’s been many months in the making trying to squeeze in work on it in the midst of an action-packed start to the financial year. But finally we’re up and running. You can now follow us on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. We look forward to sharing our ideas and experiences with you via the new DNA social network. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback so feel free to drop us a line.